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Diskeeper Pro Premier 15.0

Professional, full featured tool for disk analysis and defragmentation
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Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier is one of several editions available of this tool. The others are: Home, Professional, and Home Server.
Pro Premier has only two differences with the Professional Edition, which are: Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE), this characteristic optimizes the defragmentation of large volumes; and the Maximum Single Volume Size supported is unlimited in this version while is 2 TB in the Professional edition.

Diskeeper is a disk defragmentation tool; it’s pretty spiced up though, with great extra features in comparison with regular defragmentation utilities.
To the features already mentioned adds the technology known as InvisiTasking. This technology is an automation robot that will take care of all the annoying defragmentation tasks without human intervention. This is especially important in Diskeeper because a downside of the application is its messy and rather overwhelming interface. All editions of Diskeeper are designed to operate under Windows based systems, from Windows 2000 to the latest versions, even for server operating systems like Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2003.

Diskeeper uses I-FAAST (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Technology). This technology increases by up to 80% the speed at which your disks can access and create new files. The key of this increased speed is the way in which files are organized. Also, with Diskeeper you will be able to defrag and analyze more than one disk at a time. The Frag Shield feature allows to defragment the master file table and the paging files.

Lionel Mira
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  • It includes extra features which differentiate it from others defragmentation solutions
  • It's available for an affordable price
  • There's no limit for single volume size defragmentation
  • It includes Terabyte Volume Engine


  • The interface is a little bit messy
  • There's few differences with Professional edition if you consider prices
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