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Diskeeper 2008 Professional defragments the files in the computer’s hard disk
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Diskeeper 2008 Professional is an utility that defragments the files in the computer’s hard disk. File fragmentation occurs when the Operating System stores the data to the disk. Sometimes, there is not enough free space available to do it in one single block, so it has to be split and saved by parts in different places, producing a delay in the process. When the system has to read and rebuild the data, the opposite situation takes place. The system needs to rebuild the file from the fragments. This causes a noticeable decrease in performance. With a modern interface, you can access to the critical functions associated to the disk optimization in an easy and fast way. The program also offers you a lot of information on what you are doing, and also it’s remarkable that the program guides you to do it in a safe way.
This version, the Professional, offers the Frag-Shield, which monitors the Master File Tables and the Paging Files, components that have to be in the best form to bring an optimum system performance.
The utility can be configured to work in an almost imperceptible way, and when the automatic mode is enabled, there is no performance degradation of the system: you can have it running always in the background.

Guada Morán
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  • Well designed interface
  • Easy to use
  • Full help documentation


  • The program installs a resident instance
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