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"Diskeeper" is the best disk defragging software available
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"Diskeeper" is the best disk defragging software available.
File fragmentation means that the file is present in the hard disk not in contiguous blocks / allocation units. This can slow down the system severely and cause the hard disk to work more if the fragmentation levels are high.

Diskeeper can automatically defragment the hard disk. You can specify the Disk priority and CPU priority.

"Efficiently defragment large files" option makes the program not to defragment a large file, which will not bring any more performance gain; only some working of the hard disk.

MFT (Master File Table) in NTFS is like the FAT (File Allocation Table) in the FAT & FAT32 file system, which stores information about all the files and directories in the volume / partition. NTFS file system is very much advanced than FAT and FAT32. It has many features that make it useful as well as cause some problems to manage (since complexity increases the number of things to manage). Now, MFT is a file! It can grow in size and can get fragmented by itself, since single file information can take 1KB of MFT size! Fragmentation of MFT really slows down the disk severely, as it takes more time for accessing a file, by searching MFT. Diskeeper can defragment MFT and can also be used to increase the size of MFT, to prevent it being fragmented.

I-FAAST is a new technique, by which the program decides which all files are accessed frequently and by scanning the disk structure, it decides the best possible place in the hard disk for the faster access of that file.

Diskeeper runs even if the disk has very little space available for defragmentation operation. But the ordinary windows disk defragmenter can't do that (even though it was created by Microsoft and Diskeeper Corporation together).

Diskeeper operations can be described as fully automatic, as we can set it to defragment automatically by deciding the idle time of computer. Also, the defragmenting process is completely transparent since it does all the work in the small time intervals where we do not access the hard disk. So, running the program will never slow down your computer.

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  • The best!
  • Fully Automatic
  • I-FAAST (AI)
  • Paging File Defragmentation
  • Master File Table (MFT) Defragmentation
  • Will work with any disk size OR remaining size


  • High price
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